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Protect & Conserve

Farmland Advantage is a research and development program that works with farmers to protect and conserve critical, natural lands, streams and habitats in British Columbia.

  • Regional Focused – with a farm-based approach to addressing climate concerns
  • Results Orientated – working in BC to effectively protect the natural environment
  • Financial Incentives – farmers are compensated to offset costs of improvements
  • Research Led – each project is driven by and informs our research

We assist hard-working farmers who look after their land, so the land can continue to work hard for us.

Our Program

Expand & Enhance

Farmland Advantage targets high risk and high opportunity areas in BC based on pre-determined selection criteria:

  • Funding Priorities – Priorities of funding agencies
  • GIS Procedure – Multi-scale GIS procedure to target regions, sub-regions and sites
  • Industry Expertise – Industry expertise on the appropriate GIS mapping layers needed to align target areas with program / funder priorities
  • Ranking – Ecosystem Service Potential tool to rank farms based on their potential to contribute to ecosystem services
  • Other – Other considerations like watershed, winter range, elevation, slope and species at risk
Our approach

Monitor & Measure

Farmland Advantage identify at-risk or high opportunity restoration sites and works with farmers & ranchers to complete restoration activities on those sites such as:

  • Tree & shrub planting
  • Riparian protection infrastructure (i.e. fencing or other barriers)
  • Weed and/or competitive vegetation management
  • Thinning trees or shrubs
  • Seeding
  • Targeted grazing
  • Managed fire
Our impact

Leading the Way

In Spring 2021, IAF began officially administering and delivering the Farmland Advantage program following the success of a one-year pilot. The program is supported by a variety of partners, including:

Our Funders

Projects & Research

A selection of recent Farmland Advantage projects:

Our Projects

“There is more wildlife here now than when I was growing up.”



What is Farmland Advantage, and why is it important?


How are sites selected, and what sites are best suited to a project?


Exploring Farmland Advantage’s Impacts Across BC.

Projects & Research

From stream health to grasslands, see a sample of the ongoing projects & research.

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