Protect & Conserve

Farmland Advantage is a Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES) program which partners with farmers and ranchers in BC to protect and conserve critical lands, streams, and habitats. By elevating the role of farmers and celebrating their efforts, we help them care for their land so it can continue to work hard for all of us.

Farmland Advantage’s core values are:

  • Creating Value.
  • Enduring partnerships.
  • Grounded in science and local knowledge.
  • Active reconciliation.

Assess, Restore & Enhance

Farmland Advantage assesses the health of targeted ecosystems on BC farmland, identifying areas of high risk or high potential for improved ecosystem health. FLA contracts farmers and ranchers, and partners with First Nations and restoration groups in the targeted areas to implement restoration and enhancement measures. Farmland Advantage provides compensation and recognition to the partnering farmers.

Farmland Advantage targets high risk and high opportunity areas in BC based on the following process:

  • A multi-layer GIS hot-spot analysis is completed to target agricultural regions, sub-regions, and sites with high values for biodiversity and ecosystem services.
  • High opportunity areas are targeted at a high resolution.
  • Farmers and ranchers within these high opportunity areas are invited to participate in FLA.

Mitigate with Action

Farmland Advantage ensures BC farmers contribute to, and are compensated for, stewardship actions and Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs) that support ecosystem services. This is accomplished by taking actions that promote cleaner watersheds, healthier wildlife, and fish populations, protect important areas of biodiversity, and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

BMPs and restoration activities on Farmland Advantage sites include:

  • Removal of invasive species
  • Planting native trees, shrubs, and other plants
  • Riparian area enhancements (i.e., fencing, or other barriers)
  • Management of weeds and/or competitive vegetation
  • Targeted and rotational grazing to thin trees or shrubs and reduce wildfire risk
  • Rotational grazing to protect native grasslands
  • Managing forest encroachment into open grasslands

Leading the Way

Farmland Advantage is an IAF Program. As such, the vision and objective of the program are directed by IAF.  Funders contribute towards Farmland Advantage, and depending on the giving level, can choose to target their funds towards a specific ecosystem or initiative within the program. The program is supported by a variety of partners, including:

Projects & Research

A selection of recent Farmland Advantage projects:

“There is more wildlife here now than when I was growing up.”


“I’m really impressed with how many trees they were able to pack into this small area. I can’t wait for them to grow up and just fill this space with more beauty.”


“This program can support ranchers and farmers in the province who are overwhelmed by much-needed wildfire risk reduction on their properties and do not have the time and resources to tackle this on their own.”


“We felt it was an advantage for us and to our farm to reduce having to excavate grass out of the stream; it is also going to improve water quality in our stream and provide better habitat to the fish and wildlife that use it.”


“There were a couple people that approached us and asked if we’d be interested in [Farmland Advantage], and when they explained what the whole idea was about it sounded good. It made sense that they are trying to preserve the riparian area around Bertrand Creek, and we’re all for that.”



What is Farmland Advantage, and why is it important?


How are sites selected, and what sites are best suited to a project?


Exploring Farmland Advantage’s Impacts Across BC.

Projects & News

From stream health to grasslands, learn about our projects and program news.

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