Trescher Farms

Brisco Wetland Fencing Project

Trescher Farms is located in Brisco, BC, half an hour north of Invermere, British Columbia in the East Kootenay. The parcel of land where the ESI project is in place contains a rare slough habitat for many bird species and borders on the Columbia River. They run a cow-calf operation and have farmed the land for over 50 years (1962). Through the EFP program, 80 acres of riparian habitat were fenced off to preserve the riparian area, species at risk habitat, halt river bank erosion and reduce risk of cattle mortality through winter river ice.

Project highlights include:

  • Halted river bank erosion
  • Restored riparian habitat
  • Preserved habitat for species at risk
  • Decreased animal mortality risk

Peter previously lost 11 cattle in one unfortunate accident where the cattle drowned falling through winter ice. Not only does this project help preserve bird habitat and reduce bank erosion, but Peter has also been able to reduce the risk of animal’s drowning. The project was carried out in conjunction with a Trescher Farms neighbour as there were shared benefits. Peter has added additional corrals to the project and now has greatly improved his cattle management time contributing to a very successful project overall.

There is more wildlife here now than when I was growing up.

Peter Trescher, Trescher Farms

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