Wright Ranch

Riparian Water Source Protection Project

The Wright Ranch is near 140 mile house in the Cariboo Region of British Columbia, 15 minutes from Williams Lake. The property has long been a farm and the Wright’s have run a cow-calf operation for many years. Through the EFP program, both sides of the creek were fenced to keep the cattle out in order to stop bank erosion and maintain the riparian area. 40 acres of riparian habitat was fenced off to preserve the riparian area, improve water quality and control weeds.

Project highlights include:

  • Restored riparian habitat
  • Reduced creek bank erosion
  • Improved downstream water quality

By fencing off the creek and now only allowing limited seasonal access for watering, the Wright’s are noticing reduced erosion, and overland water flow reductions due to filtering by creek bank vegetation (flood mitigation).

We are upstream on the watershed so what we do affects the ranches downstream.

Iris Wright, Wright Ranch

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